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Artists Spotlight : Tyrik Ballard

Artist Spotlight


Born and raised in Harlem, Tyrik is ready to make his mark on the R&B/Pop scene. With the heart of Harlem running through his body, he has learned how to be a hard worker and turn tragedy into triumph.

From an early age Tyrik learned how hard you have to work in order to survive. His parents divorced when he was just seven years old, and he watched his mom struggle to pay bills and keep a roof over his siblings’ and his head.

That always pushed him to be great because he never wanted to see his mom bend her back just to make sure everything was alright. Tyrik started singing around the age of seven, and music became his gateway to happiness. His mom then put him in chorus groups in school. She attended every one of his shows because she believed, even at seven years old, his voice was something special. Being the youngest out of three siblings, Tyrik was always surrounded by hard workers and learned respect from his older brother and sister. They taught him that being lazy and failing to work hard was not an option.

Growing up in Harlem he always had to watch his back and have tough skin. He lived with the mindset that in these streets the prey become the preyed. Tyrik remembers watching his childhood friend get murdered on his birthday right in front of their building. It was one of the hardest things he has ever seen or dealt with in his life

Tyrick Ballard front-1.Tyrick_Ballard_back2_2

After that Tyrik focused on his music even more because he realized you can’t take life for granted. He believes that in order to succeed with music and life, you have to work harder than anybody else.

At twenty years old Tyrik released his debut single “Let’s Say” which is a song about how its ok to not be ready and mature enough to handle things in life. It’s also a song about being young, making mistakes, and learning from them. Tyrik’s music is pure, soulful R&B/Pop with the goal of relating to all audiences

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