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The Bomb Parties Publication

Bomb Parties is set to print, release and distribute a new format of advertising

for your business or events.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new product:

The Bomb Parties Publication



bomb promo outsidebomb promo inside

 We’ve already printed and distributed a trial release of several thousand publications

and they have been well received with all positive feedback!

What we are offering is unique to street promotions

and has already proven to be very effective.

Our publication is one 14”x 8.5” sheet folded in half to create four pages

front, inside left, inside right and back.

This makes for a perfect open sleeve for client marketing material insertion.

The full-color graphics are professionally designed
and then printed on excellent quality glossy paper.

We offer several placements
and different sizes for you to advertise your event or business.

Our publication is
printed in increments of 5,000 at a time.

They are distributed throughout the New
York City area into the hands of your target market!

Below, you’ll find our price chart, with ad sizes, for clients looking to market and
promote their business, brand or event.

If you would like to take advantage of this
new and effective source of advertising in our publication, take a look at the chart and email us with

your ad graphic ,your choice of 5K or 20K copies,

first and second choice (letter code) from the chart where you want your ad placed along

with your email for PayPal invoicing.

For more info or questions

call 917-740-BOMB

or email


We’d be glad to talk with you.

Bomb Promotions Publication is our way giving back

to our existing clients and affiliates

we want to make their advertising really work for them

and bring the best results!

Our Mission is to further market, promote and bring more awareness
to your business, brand or events as best as we can as a strong promotions
company and street team.

To all Clients and affiliates that have been doing business with Bomb Parties and
Bomb Promotions for over a decade, one year or even a day

We really appreciate your business

and want to say


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